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15 Mar 2018 , Le Quotidien du Pharmacien Amazon will never replace the pharmacist

Ornella Barra, Co-Chief Operating Officer  Walgreens Boots Alliance, discusses the future of pharmaceutical distribution and its essential role alongside pharmacists. 

09 Oct 2017 , Milenio The goal of the parent company: developing Benavides

Milenio, a Mexican national newspaper, features an interview online with Ornella Barra in which she discusses Walgreens Boots Alliance’s ambitions for Mexico, and what is takes to lead a global champion.

Written by Cristina Ochoa

Read the article online here

10 Jun 2017 , Milano Finanza Here are the leading ladies

The Italian economic daily Milano Finanza devotes an article to the most influential women in business, in which Ornella Barra is highlighted as a classic example of Italian women leading foreign companies. Written by Stefania Peveraro.

28 May 2017 , Bloomberg Businessweek China Companies/Industries: Dialogue Q&A with Ornella Barra

Bloomberg Businessweek China dedicated an article to Ornella Barra in its May edition. The feature focuses on her successful career as a business woman, and includes a Q&A with Ornella Barra in which she discusses her passion for leading a global enterprise. Written by Guo Peiran.

26 May 2017 , G7 - Climate Change Climate Change The New Economy Two sides of the same coin: how a business leader can help to make a world of difference

G7 - Climate Change The New Economy, the principle publication on climate change and sustainability, includes an extensive feature in its G7 2017 edition on Walgreens Boots Alliance and the Company’s CSR story, as told by Ornella Barra.

Read the article online here

20 Mar 2017 , L’Economia Barra, my 400,000 employees and me

'L'Economia', ‎the weekly economic and business magazine of main Italian daily Corriere della Sera, features a front page interview with Ornella Barra and Stefano Pessina. They cover a number of areas including the evolution of the company since their first business meeting in 1985, the importance of engaging employees and the general economic backdrop in the USA and Europe (attached article in Italian).

Written by Massimo Sideri.
Source: L’Economia – Corriere della Sera

18 Jan 2017 , Media Key Ornella Barra: Thinking Big

Italian magazine Media Key features Ornella Barra in its annual special issue “Genius”, which includes articles about global leaders and their road to success. The article tells Ornella Barra’s entrepreneurial history from her origins in a pharmacy in Chiavari to her current role as Co-COO of WBA, through strategic business partnerships and a strong commitment to continuous improvement.

22 Oct 2016 , Il Giornale del Piemonte The Ligurian pharmacist at the top of Walgreens Boots Alliance

Italian daily Il Giornale del Piemonte devotes a long article to Walgreens Boots Alliance receiving the United Nations Foundation’s Global Leader Award and includes comments from Ornella Barra. The article also reports on the Company’s Q4 and FY 2016 results, quoting Mr. Stefano Pessina (see article in Italian attached). Written by Massimiliano Lussana.

21 Oct 2016 , Il Sole 24 Ore Walgreens Looks at a new acquisition

Italian financial daily Il Sole 24 Ore interviews Ornella Barra on the most recent achievements of Walgreens Boots Alliance – including Q4 and FY 2016 results, and receiving the Global Leadership Award from the United Nations Foundation (see article attached in Italian). Written by Monica D’Ascenzo.

10 Sep 2016 , Corriere della Sera Barra’s secret recipe: “A selection based on merit, now for women too”

The Italian newspaper dedicated an article on Ornella Barra’s new rank on the annual Fortune 2016 “International Most Powerful Women in Business” list. This year Fortune has ranked the 50 Most Powerful Women in Business based outside the USA, including EMEA, India, Asia, and Australia in which Ornella was featured in 10th position. Written by Massimo Sideri

Click here to read the article online

09 Sep 2016 , La Repubblica “The most powerful women in the world according to Fortune: there is also the Italian Ornella Barra”

The Italian newspaper dedicated an article on Ornella Barra’s new rank on the annual Fortune 2016 “International Most Powerful Women in Business” list. This year Fortune has ranked the 50 Most Powerful Women (based outside the USA) in EMEA, India, Asia and Australia in which Ornella was featured in 10th position. Written by Massimo Sideri

Click here to read the article online

16 Jun 2016 , Forbes Ornella Barra is appointed as Co-Chief Operating Officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance

Several titles report that Ornella Barra has been appointed Co-Chief Operating Officer for Walgreens Boots Alliance.




06 May 2016 , Il Messaggero and Corriere Della Sera Ornella Barra recognized with Guido Carli award

Italian dailies “Il Messaggero” and “Corriere Della Sera” report on the prestigious award Guido Carli given in Rome to Ornella Barra. This annual award honours illustrious Italians who have achieved significant results in their own field; Ornella Barra was recognised for her entrepreneurial career in healthcare. Written by Mario Ajello (Il Messagero) and  Alessandro Trocino (Corriere Della Sera).

 Il Messagero

Corriere Della Sera

10 Mar 2016 , PuntoEffe ‘Oreste Pessina Degree Prize’ to be held during ‘FamacistaPiù’

Italian magazine, PuntoEffe, writes about the ‘Oreste Pessina Degree Prize,’ which will be held in Florence, on 19 March, during ‘FarmacistaPiù’ and is organized in collaboration with Fofi and Federfarma. The article also includes comments from Ornella Barra (see article attached in Italian).

20 Nov 2015 , Sette (Corriere della Sera) The sun never sets on pharmacies

Italian weekly, Sette, has published an interview with Ornella Barra which looks at her personal story and describes Walgreens Boots Alliance today (see article attached in Italian). Written by Roberto Turno.

29 Oct 2015 , Corriere della Sera Pessina-Barra and their rise in pharmacy

Italian daily, Corriere della Sera, has published an article related to Walgreens Boots Alliance acquisition of Rite Aid for $17.2 billion. Ornella Barra comments on the transaction (see article attached in Italian). Written by Massimo Sideri.

29 Oct 2015 , Il Sole 24 Ore American WBA points towards Italy

Following the acquisition of Rite Aid by Walgreens Boots Alliance, Italian financial daily, Il Sole 24 Ore, has published an interview with Ornella Barra where she discusses the aspects of the liberalization decree of the pharmacy sector in Italy (see article attached in Italian). Written by Roberto Turno.

09 Sep 2015 , Class CNBC Forum Ambrosetti 2015, interview with Barra

Interview to Ornella Barra: what will the future of the group be?



22 Jun 2015 , Mass Market Retailers Mass Market Retailing’s most influential women

US trade title, Mass Market Retailers, has published a special report about “Retailing’s Most Influential Women” in which Ornella Barra is featured.  The piece looks at how the business tailors its strategy according to different markets, the growth of Alphega Pharmacy and the opportunities presented as a result of the recent merger (see article attached).

19 Jun 2015 , Il Messaggero Michelle visits Expo Milan to meet with top managers

Italian daily, Il Messaggero, has published an article about the visit of Michelle Obama at Expo Milan 2015, focusing on her meeting with top managers and sponsors of the US Pavillon. The private meeting was held on the terrace of the US pavilion, where Mrs Obama met, among others, Ornella Barra (see attached article in Italian). Written by Maria Latella.

23 May 2015 , Milano Finanza Italians in responsibility

Italian financial daily, Milano Finanza has mentioned Ornella Barra and her role at Walgreens Boots Alliance in an article devoted to the 70 Italian managers at the top multinational companies (see attached article in Italian). Written by Andrea Montanari and Maria Elena Zanini.

20 May 2015 , China Chengdu Economic Daily In Pursuit of Perfection: I always ask myself: Could I do better?

Chengdu Economic Daily, one of the most influential daily newspapers in West China with a circulation of 600,000, covered Alliance Boots in three full pages. One of the articles dedicates to Ornella Barra, featuring Ms Barra’s management wisdom, her achievements of developing the Alphega network and her philosophy of pursuing perfectionism. Article written by Cheng Gefan and Jiang Ran.

On how Ms Barra resolves differences within her teams and manages those moments when she disagrees with senior colleagues – “If this happens to my team, I will listen to their views, take them into account and make a decision. Of course I will need wisdom to convince my colleagues. However, if it is a final decision from my boss, with which even if I do not totally agree, this is the company’s decision and I will loyally follow to carry it out. ”

On Alphega Pharmacy network – “I would like to extend Alphega pharmacy to China, but I have always been waiting for a right time.”

On Ms Barra’s life philosophy – “I am in pursuit of perfectionism on my own, meanwhile I wish others to improve from good to better as well. Perfectionism is to always reflect and ask oneself if I could do better. And this is my life philosophy.”

21 Apr 2015 , Healthcare Executive WBA: We do not have “competitors” by definition

The Chinese trade magazine, Healthcare Executive, publishes an eight page article on the Alphega Pharmacy European Convention which looks into the unique characteristics of the Alphega model, as well as the new services being introduced to members.  The article also illustrates how Walgreens Boots Alliance has grown into a global enterprise under the leadership of Stefano Pessina and Ornella Barra (see attached article and translation). Written by Bu Yan. Healthcare Executive – Chinese version

09 Apr 2015 , Lebensmittel Zeitung Ornella Barra talks Walgreens Boots Alliance

German leading trade title Lebensmittel Zeitung publishes a positive interview with Ornella Barra, which looks at the complementary heritage of Alliance Boots and Walgreens, how to create a good culture within the workplace and women in top management roles (see attached article both in German and English). Written by Mike Dawson

01 Apr 2015 , P3 The future potential for pharmacy across Europe

UK trade magazine P3 has published a four page interview with Ornella Barra on the launch of last month’s EPF White Paper. The article looks at the White Paper’s key five actions, the work of the EPF and her involvement (see attached article).

09 Mar 2015 , Nice Matin Ornella Barra, a Monegasque at the helm of 370,000 employees

French newspaper, Nice Matin, has featured an interview with Ornella Barra from the Alphega Pharmacy European Convention which looks at Ornella’s new role within Walgreens Boots Alliance, opportunities for the new enterprise and the growth of the beauty industry (see attached article in French). Written by Philippe Courtois.

06 Mar 2015 , Monaco Info TV Monegasque TV channel, Monaco Info TV, broadcasts an interview with Ornella Barra from the Grimaldi forum

Monegasque TV channel, Monaco Info TV, has broadcast an interview with Ornella Barra from the Grimaldi Forum where the seventh Alphega Pharmacy European Convention was held. The piece looks at the growth of Alphega Pharmacy along with the recent merger between Alliance Boots and Walgreens to create Walgreens Boots Alliance.

26 Nov 2014 , CNN International CNN International broadcasts its Leading Women programme on Ornella Barra.

The 6-minute feature positively profiles Ornella’s mantra of “investing in yourself” by “working hard and with passion” that has characterised her approach to her career so far and showcases Alliance Boots brands and products.
Interviewed by Nina Dos Santos. 


12 Nov 2014 , Milenio Will Farmacias Benavides have a new “sister” in the sector?

Mexican national newspaper, Milenio, has published an interview with Ornella Barra. The piece focuses on the potential of the Latin American market, the introduction of Group brands in Mexican stores and the expected merger between Alliance Boots and Walgreens (see attached the translated article in English). Written by Bárbara Anderson.

01 Nov 2014 , Capital (edición turca) Turkish market is exciting and there are major opportunities

The Turkish newspaper Capital published an article on the presence of Alliance Boots in Turkey through Hedef Ecza since 2000. The article shows that Turkey is a priority in Alliance Boots business’ strategy. It reveals also the fast grow of the market and future opportunities for the company. (see attached the translated article in English and the original article in Turkish). Written by Hande Yavuz.

19 Sep 2014 , Il Sole 24 Ore Barra, the only italian woman among the powerful of Fortune

The Italian newspaper, Il Sole 24 Ore, published an article on the Fortune magazine‘s annual edition of ” The 50 Most Powerful Women of Europe, the Middle East and Africa”, where Ornella is placed in 8th position, after having been in the top 15 every year since 2010.

19 Sep 2014 , Milano Finanza Fortune, Ornella Barra among the powerful

The Italian newspaper, Milano Finanza, published an article on the Fortune magazine‘s annual edition of ” The 50 Most Powerful Women of Europe, the Middle East and Africa”, where Ornella is placed in 8th position, after having been in the top 15 every year since 2010.

16 Sep 2014 , La Repubblica In Italy, the labour market should include more flexible contracts!

The Italian daily newspaper, La Repubblica, carries an interview with Stefano Pessina and Ornella Barra in which they talk about the Group’s anticipated merger with Walgreens and what the new enterprise, Walgreens Boots Alliance, will mean for the global healthcare industry. Discussion also touches on the Italian economy (see article attached).

07 Aug 2014 , Corriere Della Sera Corriere Della Sera

Corriere Della Sera published an article following the announcement that Alliance Boots and Walgreens will merge in the first quarter of calendar 2015. Ornella Barra is heavily quoted within the piece, commenting on key elements of the partnership, the new name, the new management team and global operational structure. Written by Daniela Polizzi.

07 Aug 2014 , Il Sole 24 Ore Il Sole 24 Ore

Il Sole 24 Ore, Italian daily newspaper, published an article following the announcement that Alliance Boots and Walgreens will merge in the first quarter of calendar 2015. The article focuses on the dimension of the deal, the new management structure and Walgreens decision not to move its headquarters to Europe. Ornella Barra is quoted within the piece. Written by Leonardo Maisano

14 Jul 2014 , Nottingham Post Nottingham Post

UK regional newspaper, the Nottingham Post, reports that Alliance Boots and The University of Manchester have renewed their partnership in order to build on the highly successful work already achieved between the two organisations. The article includes comment from Ornella Barra regarding the importance of innovation and scientific research and the commitment to UK-based research. Written by Richard Tressider.

24 Jun 2014 , Fortune China Fortune China

Fortune China publishes a short article entitled ‘Most Powerful Women: My First Job’ in which Ornella Barra is featured. The piece looks at her career progression, from her first job working in a pharmacy in Chiavari, Italy to becoming Chief Executive, Wholesale and Brands, Alliance Boots.

06 Dec 2013 , Cinco Dias I don’t see a potential in online pharmacy

The Spanish newspaper Cinco Días covers the opening of Alliance Healthcare’s new branch in Spain in Fuenlabrada (Madrid). During this interview, Ornella Barra, Chief Executive Wholesale and Brands, Alliance Boots, explains the evolution of the pharmaceutical market and model in Spain and the online sale of pharmaceutical drugs. Written by Noemi Navas.

29 Nov 2013 , Monaco info TV 6th Alphega Pharmacy European Convention

This video features comments from Ornella Barra and Caitlin Sorrell (Managing Director, Alphega Pharmacy Europe) on how Alphega Pharmacy provides pharmacists with marketing tools and advice to support them and help them succeed now and in the future.

29 Nov 2013 , Nice matin Ornella Barra, not just a pharmacist

The French newspaper Nice-matin published an interview of Ornella Barra on the occasion of the Alphega Pharmacy European Convention held in Monaco during the 28 and 29 November 2013. In this interview, Ornella Barra talks about her career and shares her vision on the pharmaceutical profession. Written by Aurore Harrouis.

14 Nov 2013 , Fortune Magazine China Most Powerful Woman: the international power 50

November 2013, Fortune Magazine China (November Issue) published a collection of articles on “Most Powerful Women”. Ornella Barra was selected as the only representative of non-Chinese CEOs ranking high on the list to be featured in the special report. Based on face-to-face interview, the full-pages article explores her entrepreneurial story and management philosophy.

16 Sep 2013 , Il Messaggero Lots of good news in the women world

Italian daily, Il Messaggero, publishes a piece on the roles of women in Italian companies, politics and research. It mentions that Ornella Barra is one of the very few Italian women listed in the Forbes global ranking. Written by Maria Latella.

08 Jun 2013 , D Repubblica Finally we are flying?

From the new Easyjet CEO to the others in the different control rooms, the City opens the door to the Wonder Woman managers.

Ornella Barra has been featured in the Italian women’s magazine D Repubblica as one of the most powerful business woman in the UK, and across the Europe. The article outlines that the women CEO in the 100 British biggest companies are 17.3% when they are only 6% in Italy. Written by Enrico Franceschini.

23 May 2013 , Le Quotidien du Pharmacien Given the downturn of its wholesale business, Alliance Boots will develop the services

French trade magazine, Le Quotidien du Pharmacien, features an interview with Ornella Barra following Alliance Boots annual results last week. The piece highlights the global vision for pharmacy, the changing role of the pharmacist and the development of the Group’s product and service brands. Article written by Anne-Gaelle Moulun.

18 May 2013 , Chemists and Druggist The future is generic

Alliance Boots’ Almus generics range is booming as it capitalises on patent expiries, the company says, so what are the implications for pharmacy?

Ornella Barra has been featured in an article on the use of generics in Chemists and Druggist Magazine.

Ornella Barra is in no doubt: “Generic medicines are the future”, the chief executive of Alliance Boots’ wholesale division tells C+D. “It’s the big evolution at the moment. Not only for the generic manufacturer but for the pharmaceutical industry,” she says. Her confidence may not seem surprising; as a growing number of branded drugs continue to come off patent, the generics market has never looked rosier. Two thirds of prescriptions are for generic medicines and government budgets are starting to benefit, meaning generics usage is at an all-time high. But it is questionable whether all manufacturers share Ms Barra’s confidence and, with category M looking like a permanent fixture of the pharmacy contract, will pharmacists be basking in the bright generics future she envisages?

Patent cliff

Alliance Healthcare’s Almus generics range seems to be reaping the benefits of the booming market. The company, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this month, saw its sales rise by more than 30 per cent year-on-year in 2011-12 and it prides itself on being the world’s largest generics-buyer. The company has benefited first-hand from the patent cliff, claiming to be the only generics company to supply Pfizer-manufactured atorvastatin since the manufacturer’s blockbuster Lipitor came off patent in May last year. Prescription volumes of the statin rose by 12 per cent across the country to around 12.8 million packs last year. Almus’s growth and popularity makes its chief executive Tony Foreman confident that the next 10 years will see the company continue to expand. “We have 350 products in the UK and there are about 1,000 generics in the UK so there is still a long way to go,” he says. “Ten years ago no-one would support us but today there is not one manufacturer that’s not banging on our door.” Ms Barra is keen to develop Almus outside Europe. She hints that Alliance Boots’ merger with Walgreens presents a “good opportunity” for the generics company to expand into the US, but stresses that there are no immediate plans in the pipeline.

The whole article is available on the website and written by Gemma Collins.

22 Apr 2013 , Chain Drug Review “Barra is driving force behind network”

Leading US trade magazine, Chain Drug Review, features a series of articles focused on the Alphega Pharmacy network and European Pharmacist Forum. The extensive and extremely positive coverage includes a profile piece on Ornella Barra, which positions her as the driving force behind the Alphega Pharmacy network. Written by Scot Meyer

04 Apr 2013 , Pharma Relations Opportunities for growth and expansion

German trade magazine Pharma Relations publishes an interview with Ornella Barra on Alliance Boots and Walgreens relationship with AmerisourceBergen. The article notes the motivation behind the deal and the benefits for manufacturers, pharmacists and patients. please see the original article in germanor the translation below.

Pharma Relations

30 Mar 2013 , Chemist & Druggist A transatlantic challenge

After their merger last year, Boots and US giant Walgreens are looking to share ideas that will have ramifications across the entire UK pharmacy sector. Written by Emma Weinbren

“It’s nine months since Alliance Boots’ landmark deal with US pharmacy chain Walgreens, and neither company can be accused of dragging its heels.

At the time, the two pharmacy giants set out plans to create savings of up to £95 million between them as part of their vision to become a “global healthcare leader”.

Stefano Pessina, executive chairman of Alliance Boots, vigorously refuted fears that the US company would simply take over the Boots brand. “Why would I do a deal that killed Boots?” he asked critics.

So far, it appears both players have kept their word. Speaking to C+D at the European Pharmacists Forum in Paris earlier this month, chief executive of Alliance Boots’ wholesale division Ornella Barra stresses that the projected cost savings have been the partnership’s initial priority. And Kermit Crawford, president of pharmacy, health and wellness at Walgreens, seems eager to learn from Boots rather than simply imposing the Walgreens model on the UK.”

“We’re transforming our format,” he enthuses. “When you see the Boots format – the expertise in beauty – that’s expertise we don’t have… we’re bringing that to our front end.”

With Walgreens poised to buy out the remaining 55 per cent of Alliance Boots in two years’ time, this shared learning is likely to continue. So what could the merger mean for Boots, its pharmacists and pharmacy teams?

21 Mar 2013 , Chemist & Druggist Boots strengthens US ties with AmerisourceBergen wholesaler deal

by Emma Weinbren

Alliance Boots plans to bridge the gap between its US and European pharmacy operations by signing a 10-year agreement with US wholesaler AmerisourceBergen. The deal would “open new routes for collaboration on new projects and services in the US and beyond”, said Alliance Boots pharmaceutical wholesale division chief executive Ornella Barra.It would primarily be a distribution agreement but would also enable Walgreens and Alliance Boots to buy up to 7 per cent of AmerisourceBergen’s equity for approximately US$800m (£528m), with the option to extend this to 23 per cent by 2017.While the partnership would mainly affect the US – making AmerisourceBergen the main supplier of branded, generic and specialty drugs for Walgreens and enabling daily customer deliveries – Ms Barra said it would also present opportunities to share best practice between the US and UK.

Speaking exclusively to C+D, Ms Barra revealed that the US wholesaler was “highly interested” in launching Alliance Boots’ generic brand Almus and independent network Alphega in the US, although no concrete plans had been made.The partnership could also “change the dynamics of the US healthcare market”, Ms Barra said, hinting that AmerisourceBergen could take its lead from Alliance Boots’ wholesaling model in Europe.” I think that Alliance Boots has demonstrated in Europe the great benefits of having pharmacies working closely with pharmaceutical wholesalers,” Ms Barra explained. “We have shown that we can work equally closely with pharmacy chains, in addition to independent pharmacists.””In the US, and together with AmerisourceBergen, Walgreens and Alliance Boots will explore every avenue and opportunity to further evolve our businesses and bring innovative solutions to market,” Ms Barra added. Alliance Boots estimated that the deal could boost AmerisourceBergen’s annual turnover by US$25 billion (£16.5bn), making it the second largest wholesaler in the US.

28 Jun 2012 , RAI TG1 Economia RAI TG1 Economia

Interview with Ornella Barra.

20 May 2012 , Le pharmacien de France We support the independence

Interview with Ornella Barra in the French magazine Le pharmacien de France.

20 Nov 2011 , Pharmacien Manager French trade magazine Pharmacien Manager

Features a short interview with Ornella Barra within an article about the Alphega Pharmacy European Convention 2011 which took place at the end of November.

31 Oct 2011 , The Financial Times Ornella Barra in its ‘Monday interview’

The Financial Times features . The story, includes a brief CV of Ornella which highlights her strong pharmaceutical background and goes into depth when explaining her career path.,Authorised=false.html?

20 Oct 2011 , L’Espresso L’Espresso

One of the most important and influential Italian weekly news magazines, featured a double page interview with Ornella following her ranking in the top ten of Fortune magazine’s 2011 “50 most powerful international women in business”

20 Feb 2011 , Farmácia Portuguesa Ornella Barra

traces her career in the pharmaceutical industry, and gives an updated view of the industry. Ornella underlines to pharmacists that they must embrace change if they want to successfully meet the challenges the future.

28 Jan 2011 , TV 7 TV 7

The established current affairs programme from Italy’s main news broadcaster profiles Ornella Barra

20 Jan 2011 , Class Le Altre Copertine di Class Gennaio

Ornella Barra is featured in a list of January covers by a leading Italian mens magazine, Class in its January edition.

20 Jan 2011 , Capital Capital

Hedef’i bölge lideri yapacagiz Ornella Barra is interviewed by Capital regarding the strategic plans for Hedef Alliance, the Turkish wholesale business of Alliance Boots.

20 Dec 2010 , Style – Il Corriere della sera Imprese Salutari

A review of Ornella Barra and her career from starting as a pharmacist to being named as one of the top 50 women in business by fortune magazine.

01 Oct 2010 , D la Repubblica Una Farmacista di (Nuovo) Mundo

This indepth interview with Ornella Barra covers recent achievements within the Alliance Healthcare Division as well as Ornella’s close links with pharmacy

29 Oct 2009 , Punto Effe Obiettivo eccellenza

A conversation with Ornella Barra about pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesale in Italy.

11 Feb 2009 , Alliance Boots HRH The Prince of Wales visits Alliance Boots

On behalf of Alliance Boots, Ornella Barra was delighted to welcome His Royal Highness (HRH) The Prince of Wales on a visit to the home of Boots in Nottingham. This tour gave HRH the opportunity to discover more about the heritage and history of Boots as well as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities of Alliance Boots.